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Funds on the Grow

Brought to you by Dean's Greenhouse
3984 Porter Road
Westlake, Ohio 44145
(440) 871-2050 x 4

Funds on the Grow - Spring 2011 Fundraising

Start up your own Funds on the Grow fundraising program and watch your income grow like never before!

  • Proven fundraising program, 38 years strong
  • Great alternative to traditional candy & cookie sales
  • Compliments your organization's "Green" initiatives
  • Well over two dozen different types of plants and flowers offered including herbs and vegetables
  • Flowering plants in scores of colors
  • You set your own prices to suit your customers
  • Profits average $1 to $2 on individual plants
    and $6 to $12 on larger items
  • With 100 sellers selling 50 items each, you can have a profit of $10,000 to $20,000!
  • All the tools for a successful program provided
  • Lots of selling time - take orders through mid April
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